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Blue Dream Strain is a cross between two famous strains: a Sativa superstar Haze strain and an Indica-dominant Blueberry strain. This cannabis strain is a Sativa-dominant known for its various effects on different conditions. However, it is becoming increasingly common among recreational consumers. And after the smoke has settled, the excellent, sweet blueberry taste lingers in the mouth, rendering this a tasty dosage of metaphorical and literal medication. The energizing high gives way to a calm but alert, mellow high, making it ideal for daytime use.

This strain’s THC content is moderately high, reaching around 19%, resulting in a potent high. Its CBD content is enough to make this strain a good option for various ailments. This cannabis strain is perfect for getting your day started because of its cerebral, uplifting, and long-lasting high. These cannabis seeds are easy and satisfying to plant, even if you’re an experienced or newbie grower.

What is the Blue Dream Strain?

Blue Dream Feminized Strain is a Sativa-dominant and the offspring of Haze and Blueberry. Blue Dream Fem Strain has dreamy effects, a buzzy mental high, and a delicious flavor profile. The high starts with its CBD content, making it a boost for medical marijuana patients. This cannabis strain is a delight for recreational and medical users, with an average high THC content. Blue Dream Feminized will fill your mouth with sugar and blueberry taste. Blue Dream Fem is well-known among cannabis users and enthusiasts, even when viewed from afar, due to its excellent combination of effects. Its nugs are long and bushy, and they have a deep blue shade to them. 

Blue Dream Strain Growing Info

Blue Dream Feminized seeds are an excellent starting point for a newbie or add to your existing collection. These cannabis plants can reach a height of about 4  feet and provide a significant yield for smoking enjoyment. The long, bright green leaves and green shade flowers, and yellow pistils are not only a visual delight but a tasty delight. These crystal-encrusted buds smell like blueberries and are ready to be consumed by most of your senses.

Indoor Growing Info

This is a perfect strain to take place indoors or even in a greenhouse because it thrives in colder climates. Since this cannabis strain is photoperiod bloomers, you’ll need to ensure they get plenty of light. Although these plants will thrive in either hydroponic or soil method, using the SOG (Sea of Green) technique in combination with them will yield the best results! Sea of Green is a method of inducing flowering in young, small plants to increase the number of crops each year.

Outdoor Growing Info

Although they can grow outside, Blue Dream Feminized seeds are more finicky and should be grown indoors. If you want to spend your time outdoors, ensure you are protected from more severe weather and pests. Your best bet would be a location with plenty of light and cover from strong winds unless you live in a subtropical or Mediterranean climate, wherein you should keep growing them! 

Prepare to harvest in October, and you won’t be disappointed by the constant high yield. However, since these marijuana plants are susceptible to pests, continuous monitoring is required. You are not the only one who enjoys the vibrant blooms! Keep a close eye out for the beautiful, dark plum shade the plant takes on before exposed to a bit of cold when you’re out looking for bugs!

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream Strain

This delightful, super robust, and berry-flavored strain is ideal for those suffering from exhaustion,  depression, lack of appetite, and muscle pain. Smoking these delectable nugs provides an energy boost, uplifting euphoric feeling, and focus, making it an excellent choice for getting you up and going first thing in the morning. Blue Dream Feminized is potent enough to keep you high the whole day, and the Indica genetics allows for a relaxed concentration that could help you stick to your obligations! The potency provides quick symptomatic relief, making this a perfect way to ease into your day. Assist your mind in tuning out worries and letting go of tension so you can focus on your mission with a focused and relaxed mind. This excellent, well-balanced strain makes you feel both involved and open, making it ideal for daytime consumption. Although this cannabis strain is known for its mood-lifting properties, it also aids in the relief of physical pain. Both inflammatory and arthritic pain and also migraines may be treated. Blue Dream Feminized Strain has a quick onset and could be an excellent choice for quickly relieving aches and pains!

Blue Dream Strain Effects, Taste, and Aroma

Blue Dream Feminized effects are described as “Chill Pills.” This cannabis strain encourages full-body stimulation, which many experienced marijuana users are already familiar with and enjoy.  Newbie users would have no difficulty smoking this strain for the first session. You could also use Blue Dream Feminized Strain to get a good night’s sleep. It awakens the mind with its gentle mental stimulation, making it an excellent way to begin your day—the good vibes from using this strain help boost creativity and concentration by encouraging feelings of inspiration. Users seeking to break through innovative barriers should look for this cannabis strain for brainstorming purposes.

Blue Dream Feminized Strain has a fruity fragrance that can fill your nostrils with a delectable aroma, thanks to its Blueberry parent strain. When users smell the blueberry notes, they can become thoroughly enthralled and drawn to these buds. Some users identify the fragrance as having notes of sweet and vanilla with hints of mango. There are hints of spiciness on the aftertaste the lingers on your tongue. This tasty treat has a flavor that is similar to its smell. Sweet berries dance in your taste buds, with notes of spices and herbs—some sourness helps balance out the sweetness.

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Final Thoughts

Blue Dream reminds me of an exotic beach at sunset, with blue waves softly caressing my feet. This cannabis strain ensures total relaxation and a sense of euphoria and pleasure!  It didn’t just happen to have that name! It has no adverse side effects, including anxiety or exhaustion. After the first intake, it emits an exceptional fragrance that becomes irresistible. Prepare to have your mouth filled with berry goodness that will make you find love all over again. Each enthusiast of the most delicate flavors should have Blue Dream Feminized on hand!

Blue Dream 3 pack

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Strain Genetics Blueberry x Haze Strain


    THC Content 19%-25% CBD Content 2% 

    Flowering Time 9 Weeks Flowering

    Type Photoperiod 

    Yield 300-400 grams 

    Taste / Flavor Sweet, Herbal, Spicy, Berry 

    Effects Creative, Mood Boost

    May Relieve Inflammation, Pain, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Depression, Fatigue, Arthritis, Stress

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