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Chocolate Thai is an iconic landrace strain that originated in Thailand. It was first exported to the United States probably around the 1960s under the name “Thai sticks,” which were spindly blooms attached to a bamboo pole and known for their intense high. Veteran smokers have remembered these buds as thin and airy, ranging in color from medium brown to dark brown and containing a distinct chocolate-coffee scent.

Because it was a low-yielding, long-flowering Sativa strain that always produced male flowers and seeds and was extremely difficult to clone and grow. It can be grown both outdoors and indoors, and after only three months of germination, it will produce large, heavy buds. Sativa phenotypes are primarily responsible for the plant’s powerful and vigorous growth. Also, it has a chocolate flavor and aroma with hints of citrus.

Growing Chocolate Thai Seeds

It’s possible that those who are new to growing cannabis shouldn’t try their hand at Chocolate Thai. This plant is not the easiest to care for, and on top of that, it may grow pretty tall. Even when grown in natural conditions, it only produces a moderate amount of fruit at its full size. It takes more than a month (60 – 65days) for the flowers to bloom. However, experienced growers will enjoy a beautiful harvest of 550 grams to 600 grams per meter squared indoor and 900 grams per plant outdoor.

The buds have a strong chocolate flavor and are a deep dark coffee color. When crushed, the aroma multiplies and spreads throughout the room, enticing you. 

Dryness of the eyes and mouth are two minor side effects associated with the use of this strain. With a flowering period of 60 – 65days, it produces 550 gr -600 gr m2 indoor and 900 gr. plant outdoor

Chocolate Thai Weed Flavors and Effects

These chunks of Sativa could be mistaken for chocolate bars. This is a result of the buds being a dark brown color. In its unground form, this cannabis doesn’t have a very potent smell, but it takes on a flavor profile between coffee and chocolate when ground. Terpenes sabinene and bisabol are responsible for this strain’s distinctive flavor. Additionally, pinene’s woodsy aroma was reportedly noted by many consumers.

The amounts of THC in this strain are about average (12 percent to 16 percent). Inexperienced smokers ready to advance to the next level will enjoy this weed. Still, that doesn’t mean the high isn’t powerful. The most common descriptors of the results are cerebral, energetic, euphoric, and focus.

Chocolate Thai users frequently cited the strain’s ability to inspire new ideas and provide relief from mundane tasks as two of its most prominent benefits. The strain may also have medicinal benefits beyond just the energy boost. Reduces feelings of exhaustion and melancholy. Pain is reduced, and muscle tension is lowered due to straining.

Chocolate Thai 3 pack

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Sativa Dominant
    • FLOWERING TIME 67-80 days
    • THC 21-24 %
    • CBD % 1-4%
    • YIELD INDOOR 550-650 g/m²
    • YIELD OUTDOOR 900-1200 g/m²
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