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This strain grows huge buds and becomes a super-producer of flowers in a matter of days, thanks to its fast and robust development and explosive flowering period. The effect is strong and exhilarating at first, but it quickly fades into creative serenity. 

This easy-to-grow shrub produces a lot of flowers and resin. With a Skunk foundation and tones of walnut and arugula, this strain’s scent is incredibly powerful and sweet. Because of its rapid blossoming, this plant is well-suited to damp environments where mold and fungus are common.

It’s a cross between Big Devil #2 Auto and Green Poison that has a sweet aroma with fruity undertones and a faint Skunk influence. Green Poison has its own distinct fragrances and flavors. This strain has a strong aroma that may quickly fill a room with odor. 

Sweet citrus tones dominate Green Poison’s aroma. This may definitely vary based on the strain’s particular genotype, with some users picking up notes of chili, spice, wood, and herbs. With a flowering period of 7 weeks, it produces 500-650 g/m² indoor and 500-700 g/plant outdoor

Green Poison 3 pack

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    Indica Dominant


    45 – 55 Days



    CBD %

    < 1%


    550-650 g/m²


    500-800 g/m²

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